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(7) Extreme Relief CBD Cream 3mL Pouches

(7) Extreme Relief CBD Cream 3mL Pouches

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Our Extreme Relief CBD cream is formulated with menthol and lidocaine and is excellent for larger areas of the body, like the thighs, arms, back, and neck. This is our most concentrated CBD relief cream with 50 mg/ml of CBD. Enjoy extended relief, as a little goes a long way.

Directions for use: Apply a pea-sized amount of the cream on the area that is causing issues. Rub it in thoroughly 2-3 times a day for as long as you still have discomfort. Be sure to wash your hands after applying to avoid getting any in your eyes.

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The Search For Relief Is Over

Whether you're going hard at the gym or dealing with everyday soreness, achy muscles and joints can slow you down in achieving your fitness goals or even getting through your day comfortably. Imagine the gains you could achieve or the increased productivity you could experience if you never had to be slowed down by muscle tightness, soreness, or tension again.

An increasing number of people are turning to CBD for their wellness needs, including alleviating muscle tension and soreness. Our extreme-strength CBD cream is also infused with lidocaine and menthol for an added boost of relief when you need it most. The fast-acting, non-greasy application ensures you function at your peak at first application.

Our CBD relief cream is a non-addictive, affordable, easy-to-use addition to your wellness routine, offering instant, long-lasting relief backed by the many proven benefits of natural CBD.


Experience The Powerful Relieving Benefits of CBD

An increasing number of athletes of all levels are turning to CBD for relief. Our potent topical CBD cream packs a powerful punch of relief for sore muscles. Our formulation features hemp seed oil, menthol, and lidocaine, a dynamic combination so you get back to feeling your best quickly.

  • Fast Acting

    The potency and formulation of our CBD cream deliver fast results so you get relief from tired, achy muscles right when you need it.

  • Easy, Clean Application

    Our CBD cream is easy to apply and leaves no greasy residue. A little goes a long way to maximize your investment. 

  • Powerful Relief

    For athletes and fitness enthusiasts looking for the most powerful relief option Mother Nature offers, turn to our extreme-strength CBD relief cream.

  • Premium Ingredients

    We use premium ingredients in all our products so you can have peace of mind that our products are safe and that you're receiving the maximum benefits from your investment.

Leading The Way In CBD Relief

Our commitment to quality runs deep. We’re singularly focused on delivering you the highest quality CBD fitness products to support your health and wellness journey. We work with trusted labs and use extensive testing to ensure the efficacy and safety of all of our products so you can be assured your products deliver on their promises.

Our 5,000 mg CBD relief cream works fast, so you don’t have to let aches slow you down.

  • Fast Acting

  • Premium Hemp Seed Oil

  • Lidocaine for Relief

  • Menthol for Cooling Relief

  • Long Lasting

  • Easy Application

What’s Inside

Hemp Seed Oil

Our high-quality, potent formulation that features the highest dosage of CBD oil on the market. Athletes and fitness enthusiasts turn to our CDB relief cream for ultimate relief so they can rest and recover using one of nature’s most effective healing agents.


Enjoy extended relief from aches with our most potent formulation. Menthol cools and soothes achy, tired muscles. Our easy-to-apply formula offers fast relief so you can relax and recover without harmful and addictive prescriptions.


Soothe achy, overworked muscles and joints with the power of lidocaine. Our lidocaine infused relief cream aids your recovery by helping you overcome discomfort so you can get the relief you need without being sidelined by soreness.

The link to the COA can be found by using the QR code on the product image.

The “Stand In Line For Two Days” 100% Risk-Free Guarantee

We believe that until you try something, you don’t know if it will work for you. That’s why we allow you to try our supplements and decide for yourself if they’re the powerful addition to your wellness routine you’ve been searching for. If you try our CBD products and aren’t willing to stand in line for two days to get more, you get your investment back, no questions asked. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.