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I founded Rouse Fit to prove that anyone can live longer, stronger, healthier, and happier regardless of their age!

Hi, I’m Carey Rouse, founder of Rouse Fit. I'm a 50-year-old athlete based in Austin, Texas. Why mention the age? Because I know what you are going through.

Performance management, nutrition, sleep, supplementation, and mindset are all aspects that contribute to your performance, and Rouse Fit is here to make sure you never stop pushing. I’m especially passionate about working with serious athletes, showing them that age is just a number.

I bring over 20 years of fitness industry insights and expertise to my work, offering the finest selection of supplements to support your wellness. Know that every supplement I offer at Rouse Fit are products I use and trust myself, and they have been rigorously tested and validated by independent labs for safety, quality, and efficacy.With this in mind, we offer the finest CBD supplements on the market, helping thousands of athletes achieve their full potential with one of the purest, most potent health agents on the planet.

Why CBD Products?

Rest, recovery, and focus are essential in your fitness journey. When one is out of balance, your progress is hindered. And unfortunately, too many people turn to harmful and addictive prescriptions or other forms of self-medication to overcome challenges in their journeys.
We believe there’s a better way. A natural way that you can take control of your health without subjecting yourself to harmful substances and addictive chemicals. That way is CBD.
Over the past few years, CBD supplements have been gaining popularity worldwide, used by everyday people for a wide range of physical and mental benefits. And this naturally occurring supplement has gained the attention of the health and fitness industry for its many advantages, including:

  • Daily Wellness

  • Improved Sleep

  • Greater Calm

  • Enhanced Recovery

  • Boosted Immunity

With these benefits in mind and with an eye ever focused on quality, Rouse Fit has curated a selection of CBD fitness products designed to support serious athletes inside the gym and out. All of our products have received our founder’s stamp of approval and are products he uses himself and have gone through rigorous testing to exceed the standards of today’s CBD wellness products. The result is you can enjoy better sleep, a calmer, more focused mind, and exceptional relief, all derived from Mother Nature so you never have to be nervous about what you're putting into your body.

Rouse Fit CBD products

What's So Special About Our Products?

  • Our products are formulated with 3 times the concentration of CBD as our competitors. This allows our products to work better, last longer, and be more effective.
  • You'll save money on every milligram of CBD because of the higher concentrations of CBD. Most companies don't list concentration on their labels, because their products are so watered down.
  • You'll have peace of mind from failed drug tests because we are THC-free.
  • Our products are revolutionary and one of a kind! We have tested and improved our formulas tirelessly for months with a team of scientists, medical professionals, and laboratories.