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If you’re reading this, I know how you feel …

Feeling Tired And Weak

Every day is a battle … so fatigued, you don’t even have enough energy to enjoy your free time or play with your kids. You feel like you’re missing out on life — it’s running right past you and you’re too tired to keep up.

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Self-Conscious About Your Weight

You’re tired of pretending — your excess weight feels like a slow death sentence, dragging you helplessly down a path you can’t escape. It seems hopeless. You need a guide … or a miracle … anything to help you lose the weight.

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Overwhelmed Or Confused

You want to get fit and lead an active lifestyle … but there’s too much information on the internet, much of it contradictory. No one seems to agree on anything. Forget making a plan — you don’t know where it start.

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Now let me ask you … how do you want to feel?


loving living

No more exhaustion, no more excuses, nothing holding you back from going out and doing the things you love. You want to live life to the fullest — no regrets, no more missing out.


Happy and confident

Love the way you look in the mirror. Shed the fat, tone up your muscles, build strength and endurance, show up to life eagerly and with gusto.



You enjoy eating healthy and staying fit, and you know exactly how to do it. It’s not a chore anymore. You’re proud of yourself — you have proven that you can set goals and meet them.


I can help you!

Carey Rouse

I'm a 50-year old trainer based in Austin, Texas. Why mention the age? Because I know what you are going through and I bring the kind of experience others can't when it comes to helping people over 40. I've helped hundreds of other clients over the past 20 years. I've overcome adversity by beating congestive heart failure. I can help you overcome adversity as well.

I acquired my Personal Trainer certifications with International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) in 2002 and with the American Council on Exercise (ACE) in 2015. I also won Austin’s Fittest Professional Award in 2012, when I was just 40. But I know how to be in better shape at 50 than at 40 and I can help you do the same.

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How I Can Help

Virtual Personal Training — Convenient, Efficient, and Effective

I know what you’re thinking … 

You don’t want to work out. You get sore and tired, which throws off your routine. You don’t have time, you can’t maintain the diet, It’s too expensive, etc.

How do I know this is what you’re thinking? Because I face the same situation every day with most of my clients. They thought they couldn’t do it … but with the right plan, they could. 

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What Other Personal Trainers Don't Offer … But I Do

What others don't offer

A Custom Meal Plan Designed Around Your Schedule and Tastes

Anyone can lift a few weights and run a few miles every now and then. Nutrition is the hardest part. It requires consistency.

I will design your meal plan by actually taking note of what you like and don't like. Sustainability comes from slow adjustments. I provide a weekly grocery list with every ingredient in every meal by weight, as well as an accounting of total daily calories and macros.

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Virtual Personal training

Customized fitness training, regardless of where you live — no commute necessary. I create weekly workout and meal plans that we revisit and tweak every week to ensure consistent progress. The plan is bespoke to your schedule, resources, and goals.

Meal planning

If you have the discipline to work out but it all falls apart with nutrition, I’m on it. For those who don’t need virtual personal training, I offer the same custom meal planning service as a separate offering.

Destination biking experiences

Fitness and adventure meets camaraderie and fun — all “done for you.” Leave all the planning and logistics to me — just show up to a spectacular location and join the tribe as we hop on two wheels and leave the beaten path behind.

Free Ongoing Fitness Challenges

Our community is growing every day, and I host fitness challenges all the time. You can win prizes, make friends, and build accountability and support into your fitness journey.

Local Austin bike rides

If you live in Austin, you’re in luck. I lead regular group bike rides all over my beautiful home base. You can meet other local cycling enthusiasts, network, and build friendships — all while improving your strength and your cycling skills.

CBD For Wellness and Better Sleep

More evidence emerges every day about the health and wellness benefits of the legal, non-psychoactive cannabinoid CBD. I offer premium natural CBD supplements to help you sleep and recover, so you can keep pushing hard everyday. You won't find a more potent CBD supplement on the market.

 How does CBD help?

  • Daily Wellness
  • Better sleep
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Calming and Relaxing
  • Speeds Recovery
  • Improves Immunity

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